Welcome to the Funny Farm!

“What’s the point in having a voice if I don’t get to use it?”

-Jennifer Lawrence

Hello, there!

My name is Abby Olsen, the mother of two little chickens: Alexa 4, and Lucy 7. You may have seen me clucking behind them at any given place in San Diego. I enjoy enriching my children’s lives with all that this beautiful city has to offer. . . in other words, they’ll make me crazy if I keep them cooped up for too long.

I recently was given the option to work as a writer, something that I love to do. This is in contrast to making money, something that I want to do, but have no desire to be doing if it makes me miserable. Make money writing, you say? Working on that (see paragraph below).

My wonderful husband makes this possible. He often falls victim to my creative, wandering mind, which is why I think he allows me this outlet- hoping to channel it and make it go away (there’s the A-type to my B-type). That, and I think he hopes I’m going to bring to life the next Harry Potter series and allow him an early retirement.

This is a blog designed to share some of my journey as a mother and as a human being. Maybe you’ll read this and feel grateful that you’re not the only one who feels like this (after reading some tirade about those who cheat at the gym . . .more on that later). Or maybe you’ll be interested in some random event that I happen to have found. Or maybe you’ll come to a decision in your own life based on the fact that you don’t want to repeat MY mistake.

Sometimes, it will be funny, sometimes sad . . .come on board my crazy train with me. Be sure to check out the sidebars I am working on installing (still learning the ways of this blog design). I will lay out my plan of attack and daily observance of my balancing act.

If nothing else, let me entertain you. Enjoy the ride, and I invite any comments or suggestions. They might help keep me out of trouble.

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