What I Did Today

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

-J.R.R. Tolkien

So, I like to recommend things that I find especially local or unique . . .also, my husband Ray always hits me with the question, “What did you do all day?!” A completely expected question since I am the mother of two crazy girls who need constant stimuli, a regular member of two gyms, active volunteer involved at the girls’ school in almost every capacity for which I am able, and the one to whom my husband often says, “Handle this, will ya?”

In between that, I write.

But, I digress. To help him out a little, I’ll put these out there every once in a while, especially if I think you could also benefit from my experience. And maybe he’ll get off my back.

Today, against my better judgement, I hauled the girls out to this wonderful ladies’ second-hand store in La Mesa in an attempt to replenish their inventory, and to clean out my closet. I’m finally saying “goodbye” to those super skinny clothes from before the chickens were hatched. I may have teared a little. It required a bit of acceptance of the person that I have become, not the one I wish I still was.


OK, if you have never sold to Act II, La Mesa, the whole process works a little like calling in to a radio station to win concert tickets. The first attempt I made a few weeks back, I called them at 10am Weds (their website says to call starting at 9:30 each day that they sell for a same day booking). The lovely woman on the other end of the line laughed gently and said, “Oh, sorry honey . . .I’ve had to turn away thirty people already! But try again Friday?”

“But, it’s like, only 10!” I stammered, like that would help.

“Yeah, we book up fast.”

So, Friday morning, I was ready. I set my clock alarm and started dialing at 9:29. It was busy. And it stayed that way until almost 10. I had almost given up (who are those people who can get in on the lines when I can’t?!), when it started actually ringing! When the gal picked up the other end, I asked, “Did I win?!” And yes, I was indeed caller number 6.

So, be prepared to hit redial a few hundred times. Also, have the actual number of items you are bringing in to them. Everything (except jeans) needs to be on hangers (they give them back). They give a sweet deal with store credit, and you are likely to spend it right there that same day, given that their inventory is really nice (organized by both size and color, which is awesome). Anything that they decide they can’t sell, you can always leave for them to donate. Closet clean and revamped? Done and done.

After this, there was still time to spare before the kids art camp at Monart School of Art , so we went to find a local beach to clean up (part of their Girl Scout summer patch). The Marina, I knew, but we wanted some actual sand and water we could dip in. So I drove a bit until I passed the crazy joker hat (also a Pokéstop):

joker hat

If you follow the street around to the right, you’ll see some parking on your left near the boat launch, next to Outboard Boating Club, San Diego:


Free one-hour parking with a quick downstairs to a small stretch of sand that is perfect for a quick dip. It’s quiet and there are no waves. Lots of boat watching, shell collecting and puppy petting (lots of animal friends getting their walks in by the locals). My  children also got a lesson in local wildlife, and now can positively identify seagull poop on the sand.

I don’t think that there are any bathroom or washing facilities nearby, but it definitely makes me want to check out similar surrounding little nooks. Likely, we’ll find one somewhere . . .

Anyways, the littles are quietly tucked away in their art camp, today learning how to draw beautiful butterflies. What they have managed to create so far, I’m actually considering framing:


Ok, don’t judge me. I’m a mom, I’m partial. . .and my kids are genuises.

That’s all for today, talk again soon!


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