My Breakfast Obsession

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”

“What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh. “What do you say, Piglet?”

“I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?” said Piglet.

Pooh nodded thoughtfully. “It’s the same thing,” he said.”

A.A. Milne

Yeah, I’m basically obsessed with all things first-meal-of-the-day.

What is your perfect breakfast food? Sweet? Savory? Just the best cup of coffee? There is something for everyone at breakfast. Also, eating breakfast apparently keeps you skinny. So there you go.

So, the other day I got egg-cited, because next door to the kids’ hair place is the new Breakfast Republic. It looks pretty industrial chic, with its’ old fashioned lights and paper roll signs that tout today’s specials. I had to wonder if I was cool enough for this place, and if the kids would be welcome. The wall of breakfast swag you can purchase was also little intimidating in its’ coolness (I could NOT pull off a hip chicken shirt or bacon hat without simply looking foolish).

The Oreo pancakes were given a huge thumbs up with the kids, along with their sausage and eggs. I had the jambalaya plate, which I have to say was a little underwhelming, given that the overall dish was not quite seasoned enough. The sausage and shrimp were plentiful and lovely, and getting the egg over easy added creamy yumminess. But overall, they seemed to neglect the rice dish itself.

Still, the total experience was great. Great service, great coffee . . .I might want to come back and try again. I hear the shrimp and grits plate is supposed to be amazing.

So, we also got a great recommendation to try a little local place North County called The Hideaway, by my mom (she saw an article in the L.A. Times). We had to try their French Toast, apparently it was one of the best.

She was totally spot on.

They create their masterpiece using Hawaiian bread, with a drizzle of orange icing and brown sugar crumbles. Absolute HEAVEN. The place has its’ own charm, the wait staff consisting of a mother/daughter team that has been there over 33 years. Mom and I shared their potato pancakes (to die for), and omletes (mom had the enchilada, I had the turkey avocado spinach creation).

This is definitely a place reserved for special beach visits, since there is a small playground with beach access within walking distance, Fletcher Cove. You can park there at the cafe and walk down to the beach (provided you park in a space not marked, “2 hour parking.”) Great local hideout.

To round out our week before school started, I took the girls to the celebrated, Snooze. Parking is fairly easy underground right next door, provided you have a small car (the spaces are tight).

The space is awesome! The high ceilings give you roomy comfort, and the level of noise makes it ideal to bring the littles. They also have coloring pages and crayons (a must, just remind your kids not to give in to the temptation to write on the brick walls). First thing I noticed after the space though, had to be their use of quality silverware. University students take note: you could steal yourself a serious set here.

The kids, of course, went back to ordering their pancakes, this time the chocolate chips dusted in powdered sugar. The fruit that they got with them was fresh and delicious, and the syrup was fought over. . . always a good sign. But what they loved the most was that they could also order a “vanilla steamer,” which they said was the “best ever,” and may cause a disruption in our usual order at Starbucks the next time we go.

I got their B.E.S.T. sandwich which was to die for. What made it was an incorporation of the toasted ciabatta bread with the eggs over easy (the suggested serve), along with the aioli (although, I would order a side of it, as it got a little heavy handed), and the arugula and tomato.

I have NEVER had bacon made like that. Their bacon was PHENOMENAL. It was thick and browned (I tend to like my pig still moving), but oh-my-goodness so good. The waiter said that people either love it or hate it, but I cannot see anyone hating that. I have been spoiled. I can never go back, and need to solicit Tender Belly or my family members for a monthly subscription.

Our final stop this week was a place I have frequented before, Farmers Bottega, a farm-to-table cafe in Mission Hills. The waitstaff there feels like family, and they have a large table you can sit at, where you will indeed feel like you are dining in the family kitchen.

Again, I order an omelet (the Farmers). Again, the kids get pancakes. The Smores creation, aptly named, the Bonfire, gave my littlest one (very) sticky sugary satisfaction (and a high that lasted most of the morning). It was awesome fare, as usual. And they give the kids multiple crayons, always a hit. They also did a great job of re-apholstering their chairs, really adding itself to the whole “homey” feel of the place.

Here’s the thing: I. Think. I’m. OVER. Breakfast. A week of that will do it. I had to bring half of the omelet home with me that day because I couldn’t finish! It reheated beautifully (along with Lucy’s sausage), but . . .sigh.

I might just be done with the first meal of the day for a while. Frankly, I’m stuffed. I’ll probably go back eventually (nobody puts breakfast in a corner), and I hope you visit these amazing places, but for now . . .

I think my Bare oatmeal is calling for now.



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