Women’s Health, Week One: A Tale of Fresh Beginnings

“I always believe that the sky is the beginning of the limit.”

-M.C. Hammer

So, this is week one in my attempt to live Women’s Health magazine.

And, oops. Already.

I realized that I had forgotten to order some of the things I was going to try this month. Monday morning.

Sigh. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

I’ll focus on each aspect of this week as I touched on it. Some of these things are going to bleed into the next weeks, as well (that’s figuratively, I promise . . .er, I think). Hopefully, I’ll come out of this better! After all, it’s “Women’s Health”, not “Women’s Death”. . .



I’ll start with the obvious.

Of course, there are the featured workouts. Amazingly (or maybe those amazing editors actually plan it this way), you can actually do all those workouts at the same time. Some, like the HIIT workouts (A Body In Motion & A Body At Rest, p. 156) tell you to incorporate the workouts 3 times in a week. Others, like the 15 Minute Workout (p. 84), say 2-3 times a week, so you can easily stagger those. The yoga workout (Namastay Awhile, p. 78) you can work in as your cool down.

I have to admit that I won’t do the yoga one everyday, since I go to yoga class a minimum of twice a week, so on those days I skipped it. But the days that I didn’t, it was a pretty nice end to my workouts. Short and sweet and to the point (I also get to work my triceps during the Vinyasa flow, which I have been dying to develop more).

I thought I had a resistance band for the 15 Minute Workout, but another “oops”. No, I didn’t. So, I replaced that workout with push-ups instead. Basically a chest exercise and I get to work core, too. Win-win!

Of course, before you can start any of these workouts, one must assess one’s fitness level. Enter How Fit Are You, Really (p.68) to help with that.

Pshaw! I got this, right?

Flew through each category but one. Epic fail in the lower body strength area. The glutes. The booty. I would like to think it’s because perhaps I didn’t use a proper bench at a correct height . . .but let’s not kid ourselves. And summer is right around the corner. 


The article suggests incorporating hip thrusts, squats, and deadlifts three times a week. Since my three-days-a-week Orangetheory workouts usually include some one or more of these exercises, I upped my weights and reps. There will be no booty left sagging behind. No way.

This is going to hurt.


All of this working out needs effective fuel. I followed the suggestion to eat a pack of energy chews, called Bloks (Cooling Gummies For Athletes, p. 40), about an hour before my workouts. I am sorry, though. I absolutely hate spearmint. I was, however, intrigued by the idea of seeing how my workouts improved from the use of the Bloks at all. I eat around 5:45am, workout around 8:15am, and don’t usually eat again until lunch around 11am. I’ve used Goo during half-marathons for energy, so I was familiar with the concept. So, after my shipment of Citrus flavored Bloks arrived on Wednesday (grr), I popped them in the next day about an hour before I hit my Orangetheory class.

I can say that I didn’t have the craving to stuff my face the second class was over (which almost inevitably leads to a regrettable fast food run). As for the energy? Not enough data yet to really say. I’ll continue to take them and let you know. They’re pretty good, though. Sticky, but good flavor. And I had to hide them from the kids. Last thing they need is more energy.


Workouts beget sweat. Sweat begets odor.

My daughter went into the laundry room to put her dirty clothes in the washer, and immediately recoiled.

“Ugh, Mommy!!! What’s that smell?”

“Yeah, I know. I have to do laundry” (I was waiting for my shipment).

And anyone who has taken hot yoga knows that smell.  Now, multiply that by three day’s worth, and you’ll see the challenge that faced these poor clothes (and my daughter). Recovery from the smell of death.

I ordered two bottles of tFebreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator (Looney Fumes, p. 40). I wasn’t expecting much. That smell that lingered in my clothes and in our towels even after washing was just accepted. I had already put things through the Express Sanitize cycle several times, so I thought that I had done all I could do.

We would just have to live stinky. My children would be mocked. I would be avoided. My husband Ray would be . . .well, he’s a man. I think it’s probably a sign of virility or something. But still.

But nay! This stuff has given me back my clothes! All the nasty smells are gone! Life is so beautiful again (did I ever think when I was in my 20’s that my life would be changed by a detergent?!). BUY. THIS. Totally worth it. I like, nuzzle my towels now. Just like commercials.


Since Ray is subscribing to the lo-carb diet, I was happy to see the section Spring Chicken (p.101). What I was not happy to see was that the recipes were incorporating whole birds. Rubbing them down with spices to infuse flavor. Cutting out the backbone in one incidence. Ugh. I can’t stand handling raw meat.

But this was for the good of my blog! One must press on!

I made the oven-roasted Rainbow Chicken (p. 105) using the Tex-Mex rub (p.107). About a half hour in, my whole house smelled heavenly. The slaw that goes with it is gorgeous and colorful, and the buttermilk dressing is a perfect compliment. I don’t normally like beets, but I tried them with a bite of chicken and the dressing, and they were not overwhelmingly sweet. Not sure which they were, but they were red on the outside, yellow on the inside.

Ahhhh! I love eating healthy. I have plenty leftover for Ray to take to work, as well.

“Oh, no. I hate that purple stuff, carrots, and what is that yellow stuff?”


“Well, the chicken looks good. I’ll take that.”

So, ok. More salad for me.


I need to spring clean like no one’s business. But since the typical reader of Women’s Health does not need advice on cleaning out a child’s art collection or treasure trove of sparkling rocks and broken toys, I instead decided to start small with the reorganizing of my kitchen junk drawer (The Odds And Ends Of Zen, p.121). I used my seemingly endless supply of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to buy a bunch of the .ORG copper mesh drawer organizers, and attempted to . . .well, organize.

They do have that warning to make sure that you measure your drawer. Depth is especially important so that when you close your newly and beautifully organized drawer, it can open back up again, and doesn’t get stuck.

Pay attention.

It took about an hour for me to manipulate my drawer back open, after pulling out half my organized things back out as i could reach them, and scattering said organized things all over the counter in the process.

I’m sure the wine had something to do with it.

However, when all was said and done (and believe me all was said), I had a beautifully cleaned-out kitchen drawer, and am now one step closer to attacking the girl’s rooms. . .

A baby step. But still getting somewhere.


Whoo-woo! First week in the books! Not bad, got rid of stink, have chicken for weeks, and I can find my scissors again.

And, I think Ray is enjoying watching my accessory workouts in the living room.

“Move a little to your right.”


This next week, I plan on exploring the benefits of Zote Soap, Align shoes, and taking a bike ride with a side of Asian Nachos thrown in.

Stay tuned!


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