Women’s Health, Week Three: Birds, Burgers And A Stairway To Nowhere

Week three, and still going strong!

This week, I’m still wearing my now-broken-in Align sneaks, doing regular workouts, and got the chance to try new burger combinations that I am sure will be my undoing. So much for being swimsuit ready, but at least my tastebuds are singing.


My back has never felt better. The workouts on p. 84 (15 Minute Workout) I can attribute to that. Plus, it’s translating into my regular workouts, as I am noticing that with any back-strengthening exercise I am finding more flexibility and mobility. Yeah, baby! This girl is strong!

Also, going from 10 to 15lb weights now in both strength and metobolic workouts (p. 160). These arms are going to be summer special in no time.

It’s still really easy to incorporate these workouts regularly. Calendaring them out once a day during the week with weekends off to recover is simple, as they are short enough to get in after putting the chickens to bed. Glass of wine after? Earned.


Ray: “What is this?”

Me: (Wrestling yet another bird into the slow cooker) “Chicken.”

Ray: “Again? I thought you were done.”

Me: “It’s for chicken soup. Sounded good.”

It did. Because of course that’s what you want when the weather heats up to some ungodly degree.

Don’t ask. It’s my diet.

It’s 10:00pm on a Friday night, and since I put in the bird a little before 5:00pm, now my house smells friggin’ amazeballs.

But instead of “warm”, it looked like my slow cooker had stalled on “cook.” So the chicken got a little more time in the hot house than I wanted.


Well, into the soup it goes to get a little more moisture. Just in time, too.

Ray: “I’m coming down with something.”


To the leftover bones and root vegtables I simply added water and some more spices, to create the most fragrant stock ever. Sautee the veggies, add in semi-dried out chicken and barley. I made a little too much barley (and did you know that it will boil over like pasta, if you don’t watch it?), but that prompted me to look up barley recipes and I am looking forward to eating more of this great grain. This was an amazing bowl of soup.

But now I’m sick of chicken again.

Ray: “More for me.”



Ray: “You just made all that chicken.”

Me: “Yes.”

Ray: “What’s all that stuff?”

Me: “Fancy burger stations. Put everything on there that’s at each station.” (Breaking into song) “Try it, try it! You might just like it!”

Ray: (Looking over at WH) “But, it says here that this one needs a chicken breast, and this one needs a veggie burger . . .”

Me: “You want to eat a veggie burger, Ray?”

Ray: “Er, no.”

Me: “There you go.”

Of course, the only flavor combination that we both seemed to enjoy belonged on the elusive veggie burger, but tasted just as good on the beef patty (Stack That Patty! p. 36). I used regular red onion, as I tried to find them at the store pickled. When I couldn’t, I Googled “pickling red onion”, only to find that the process was a little more involved than I was hoping. In some cases (probably the best tasting ones), it took months. Did I really want pickled red onions so badly?


Still delicious.

Ray; “You’re cooking more. I like it.”

So maybe I’ll give it a shot at a later date.


The article, The “Smiling Depression” Epidemic (p.144), resonated with me. As a mom, you are constantly forced to put on a happy face for the kids’ sake (no, I do not believe in full disclosure at all times. Sometimes kids just need the time to be kids without adult melodrama). Not that I am in any way in any kind of downward spiral, but I can relate to that feeling “when feeling unhappy or anxious . . .[trying] even harder and [raising] . . .expectations higher only to continue to feel as if . . .not good enough” (Masters of Deception, p.149). Basically, if you’ve seen “Bad Moms,” it’s kind of like that.

WH gives some suggestions to help calm the mind (Tools of Calm, p.149). I wasn’t particularly anxious, but I had a little too much energy a little too late one evening, so I thought, why not?

Ray: “What’s this for?”

Me: “Ice pack. For your eyes.” (Wincing) “Supposed to help calm you down.”

Ray: (Wincing) “It hurts. That’s not calming.”

Me: “Pain transference.”

Ray: “Lame.”

It felt amazing afterward. But I can’t say that it made me more calm necessarily. Maybe I need a little more conditioning. Could certainly help my pores.

The stairway trick they suggested was pretty helpful in getting me focused for tackling the Girl Scout financial report, due in June. I still have a ways to go. It is truly a long . . .long . . .long set of stairs.


Sorry this came out so late this week! I probably could have used less time envisioning the stairway of financials, and more time actually completing them. But with the end of the year fast approaching, and about a million other kid things to keep up with, I’m glad I am semi-keeping-up.

No biking this week (crazy schedule). But before this month is out, I’ll be trying my hand at spin class and enjoying breathing in a pleasant mix of air conditioning and death. Yippee!!!

Next week, I’m trying a hand at eating clean. Right before Memorial Day weekend. . .

How hard could it be?

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