Women’s Health, Week Four: Meow

This week is all about food, really.

Probably because being on a diet makes me look for new things to eat, guilt-free.

Or because I’m simply hungry.

Anyways, I’ll start there.


I love when I eat cleaner. Your body is like this engine, and when it has good fuel, it purrs like a kitten.


And what do kittens eat? Apparently, sardines.

This week’s food was all about energy. The article, Get Pumped (p.108) offers some suggestions for incorporating some better means of energy than my usual 5 cups of joe. Maybe I won’t be as shaky. Certainly, the suggestions they make work very nicely with my “eating clean” bend.

Disclaimer: I hate raisins. So no way, no how am I eating those wrinkled little devils from hell. I’ll stick to their fatter parents, grapes. Thanks.

Bring on the fishies!

Ray: “Oh, my God. What is that rotten fish smell?!”

Me: “No, not rotten. They’ve just been sitting around in this little tin, waiting for me to open.”

Ray: “All you.”

I mixed them up with the suggested pasta, cauliflower, and red pepper flakes with olive oil. Super tasty.

Ray: “You did see here that you could have just eaten beef?”

Me: “All you.”

The edamame was also a great snack, along with the strawberries, chia seeds (sprinkled on avocado toast), and almonds (didn’t have time to bake anything, but I’ll try giving it a go next week). I do wish they had had a little insert with portioned out recipes to follow, but I just kind of figured out the measurements to taste. Here are some links to recipes you might want to look at:

Pasta With Sardines and Roasted Cauliflower

Garlic Chile Edamame

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Healthy Ways To Use Almond Flour

Chia Seed Recipes

Whether or not eating them gave me more energy because of their properties, or whether it was just eating better, I don’t know.

I do know that I need some serious breath mints.


I also gave a go at a “smart swap day” (Eat Smarter With Simple Swaps, p.92). I was particularly excited to have a go at the fruit smoothie. My youngest is not a particular fan of peanut butter, but was happy to drink her strawberry “milkshake”.

Until she took a sip and made that face.

Alexa: “There’s peanut butter in this.”

Me: “It’s super good for you, baby. . .Lucy? Do you like it?”

Lucy: “Yum!”

Alexa: “Lucy can have the rest.”

More for us.

The other two swaps were equally delicious, and made for a lovely afternoon of healthy eats. The dressing with avocado, kefir and mustard was especially good on my black bean salad.

And, yes. I ate some of my leftover rotisserie chicken in my sandwich. And it was delicious. And I’m okay with that.


Nothing has much changed in the “fitness” catagory, still doing daily workouts in rotation.

I have noticed a stronger lower back, thanks to the 15 Minute Workout (p. 82). My Supermans seem to be just a tad higher off the ground. Not feeling as much strain after my regular workouts, either.

Didn’t seem to matter, however, when I totally threw out my back trying to learn how to waterski. I’ll be recovering with a heating pad for the next few days and hopefully get back to normal. But maybe I’ll recover faster.


Ahhhhh! Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, my bathing suit from Athleta arrived! I need to be considered in the “active” catagory (Suit Yourself, p.52), with all the watersports my kids engage in.

I say, “kids.” I personally hate the water (it’s my inner kitten), but because our family gets in so often at the river, I need to be able to keep up and keep everything in place.

This suit is so comfortable, and the colors are so happy! And nothing is going anywhere (no wedgies!). Definite love! Might get me in the water more often. Certainly did this weekend, as I wore it when I had my waterskiing back fiasco.

Since I wasn’t going to be able to move much, I thought I might also try the “lounging” suit from Modcloth, which had also arrived. Loved the idea of a reversible suit, and the pattern was super trendy. Super chic. Ray seemed to think so.

Ray: “Hot.”

Me: “Cool.”

Unfortunately, I should have taken a hint from the picture of the model on the website (there was no model wearing it in WH). Only for the superskinny. With boobs. It’s a beautiful bathing suit, really nicely made. Just not for hippy, flat me. The ties also accentuate the wrong parts of short me.

No worries! Couldn’t have skiied in that thing, anyways.

Ray: “Well, you might, if you had actually stood up.”



Next week, I’ll be running into June a bit, as it’s a short week. But I may finally achieve what I did this for . . .

Vanessa Hudgen’s abs.

Will her “avocado-a-day” habit save me from a summer of perpetual cover up? Will her spin cycle habit imprint itself into my routine?

Stay tuned . . . .

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