Bromancing the Mag

“I’m a girl, but I’d rather hang out with boys because it’s less drama.”

-Unknown, yet known

So, this year’s Girl Scout Nuts and Magazine Sales Season has brought about a new visitor to my mailbox: Men’s Health Magazine.

See, the system wouldn’t allow me to renew my Women’s Health Magazine subscription without also starting a Men’s Health Magazine subscription as well. Those clever little munchkins.

Ray: What did you order?

Me: It’s not really for me. It’s for you. Great motivation, right?

Ray: (looking at the front cover) Oooookay.

mens health cover

So, since Ray wouldn’t read it, I did (paid for it, after all, need to read the articles).

It was really interesting to get a different, male point of view with regards to fitness (I think the number of times I read the word, “shred” could be in the high double digits). The tone could, at times, be off-putting. I’m not saying I was totally offended, and I’m not really calling it “cheuvanistic” (probably because I’m a bit desensitized from hanging around pool halls). But I could see where most of my high school friends would protest (I went to an all girl’s school for high school). I also blame Dr. Laura for ealry influencing my adult years and for encouraging a more “male tolerant” thick skin when it comes to “guy lingo”. Anyways, my point is, it was decidedly “male” (insert grunt).

So . . . Now that I got to read the mag, I was curious. . .what if I lived like the boys for a month? Could I keep up?

Not sure, they seemed pretty hard core. Also, I have to admit, I subscribe to the notion that women and men are naturally physically different.

There, I said it. Totally unpopular point of view in this day and age.

And yet. . .

It seems so much easier for guys to do pull-ups.

And yet. . .

Guys typically bench a whole lot heavier than us gals.

And yet. . .

Guys just seem so all-around stronger than we women. Excluding ridiculous anomaly Olympian exceptions. Or Demi Moore Navy Seals.

Still, maybe I could try.

So, this May? I’m going to pull a Vanessa Hudgens, and try the Men’s Health Magazine side of things.

Hey. Least I could do? Come out with Maui muscles and no tits.

Holy crap. I’ve become one of the guys already.

Stay tuned. . .

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